About Us

grow green weed control mascotThank you for your interest in our company, Grow Green Weed Control. We are a local business that takes immense pride in the services we provide.

Unlike the big national chains, we offer a superior level of quality. Our approach is tailored and personalized, ensuring not only reliability but also the latest software, techniques, and top-notch products. Our commitment to using only the highest quality lawn care products ensures that your lawn receives the utmost care and attention.

My name is Dereck Palermo, and I am the proud owner of Grow Green Weed Control, LLC. As a local firefighter at the Prairieville Fire Department, community is at the core of who we are. I guarantee you unmatched communication, the highest quality standards, and the most reliable lawn service in the area.

My journey began as a humble lawn mowing company owner. After five years, I made the decision to sell, but my passion for lawn care remained resolute. I utilized my free time to become a certified Ornamental Turf & Pest Control applicator. Since then, running this business has brought me immense joy, as I strive to make every yard look exceptional.

Our Mission

At Grow Green Weed Control, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional experience. Our goal is to understand your needs and create a personalized treatment plan that suits your budget while delivering impressive results. You can expect to witness a remarkable transformation in your lawn within just two weeks of our service. However, it’s important to remember that achieving a healthy, weed-free lawn requires consistency and patience. From an average lawn to a nearly perfect one, it takes time and dedication. If you ever require assistance between appointments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will gladly address any concerns or rectify any oversights.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you and are available to answer any inquiries you may have.

Brandi Godchaux
Brandi Godchaux
I love a beautiful lawn and Grow Green is just the company to help me achieve this! They current service two of my properties and they never disappoint. Highly recommend!!
Brandon Goyer
Brandon Goyer
Excellent professional and prompt. Very responsive and quick and price is not bad at all either. Please reach out to Grow Green Weed Control for any and all weed and lawn needs!
Jean Comeaux
Jean Comeaux
I have used Grow Green for approximately a year now. Prior to that we did our own weed control, fertilization, etc. To say Grow Green has been a game changer in the way our lawn looks, is an understatement! They do a great job! Dereck has been our technician every time there is an application. He is always through, on, on time and extremely professional. Great service for the price!
Jeffrey Seeger
Jeffrey Seeger
Grow Green Weed Control got rid of all the weeds in my lawn. It looks amazing now and I don't have to cut the grass as often
Daniel King
Daniel King
As a landscaper we see lots of flowerbeds, I can tell you that the lawns and flowerbeds that he treats have significantly less weeds. If you want a beautiful lawn AND cut down on your flowerbed maintenance cost then call Grow Green.
Teresa Prestridge
Teresa Prestridge
Dereck is very customer oriented. He responded quickly to my questions and concerns. His pricing is fair, and his work is excellent. My neighbors have commented on the improvement of my lawn! I can’t to see how it emerges this Spring under his care.
Bryce Danna
Bryce Danna
Very happy with the professionalism of this company. The technician (Dereck) took the time to answer all my questions, explain what I could expect from the treatment and recommendations for changes I could/should make in how I care for the lawn to help improve weed control and a healthier lawn.
Ronnie Greco
Ronnie Greco
Started service this spring. Had some weeds issues. Called Grow Green and talked with Dereck. He set up a time to come inspect my lawn. Within a few months, I could see a difference. He also fertilized. Yard is much stronger and greener since we started their service. Started with red ants after all the rain. Talked with Derick. He came out and gave my yard a treatment. No ant piles since his visit. They always let you know in advance when there is an upcoming visit so you can check your schedule. Always on time. Highly recommended their services.
Don Decell
Don Decell
The communication is great with Derick and his company. They do what they say in a timely manner and do a great job! It’s hard to get that in today’s world.
Jenny Ortego
Jenny Ortego
Grow Green is very professional, responsive and knowledgeable. We have been very pleased with the weed control in our flowerbeds as well as the elimination of button weed in our lawn. Highly recommend!

Our Services

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

We offer a 6-8 step program with highly trained technicians to provide you with a premium service. We look forward to your healthy, green, weed free lawn!

Flower Bed Fertilization & Weed Control

Are you tired of pesky weeds growing in your flower beds? We provide a year round program either quarterly or monthly to keep your flower beds weed free and plants healthy and happy!

Fire Ant Treatments

We can keep your lawn fire ant free by killing the mounds and by also eradicating any fire ants you can’t see. Our program keeps your yard fire ant free year round with only 2 visits per year!

Mosquito, Flea & Tick Treatments

We will visit your property once per month (usually 8-10 times per year) during the mosquito season to eradicate all mosquitos. We can also treat for fleas and ticks as requested. We also inspect the property for mosquito breeding sites with each visit.


We can spread high quality premium grass seeds in your lawn. Great for thin lawns, or lawns with bare spots.

Disease & Pests Control

We can investigate and identify pests or disease problems in your lawn, shrubs, or trees. After identification we can create a plan and strategy to correct the problem.

"Grow Green came out fertilize my lawn and kill off any weeds. I noticed a difference the very next week. They always communicate well and do what they say they will do. Highly recommend them.

Melvin Thorton

"We hired them for lawn care and fire ants. We have not seen a single ant in our yard since hiring them and our lawn has never looked better!

Sarah Thompson

"We are on their mosquito program and never have a problem with mosquitos before our gatherings. If we are planning on having a friends/family get together, we try to get on their schedule earlier than normal to be sure the mosquitos won't bother us!

Miachael Broussard

"We hired Grow Green Weed Control to maintain our flower beds. We never have to worry about the health of our plants, or weeds in our flower beds. We are very pleased with their service, communication, and professionalism.

Jessica Jenkins

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