Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ant Treatment Program

Our fire ant treatment program will eradicate fire ants all year long. We attack the ant mounds as well as any ants you may not see in the area.

At each visit, we will treat any visible mounds as well as put out baits on the entire property. Ants will bring the baits back to their mounds and it will eliminate them.

There are many mounds inside your lawn that you cannot see because they have not had the time to build up yet. Our program will eliminate them before they become a problem.


2 Treatments per year


Programs tailored to your fire ant situation


Experienced and knowledgable technicians


Locally owned and operated


Fully insured and certified


Dependability and satisfaction guaranteed

Bundle & Save

You can save on fire ant treatment when you bundle fire ant treament with our lawn fertilization and weed control program. Request a quote or give us a call. When you request both services, we automatically give you the bundled pricing.

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