Flower Bed Weed Control

Flower Bed Treatment Program

With our flower bed treatment program, we will make it out to your property about 4 times per year to apply pre-mergent herbicides and post emergent herbicides to keep your beds weed free.

If you have old mulch or your mulch is not thick enough in your flower beds, we stongly recommend that you remulch the beds. Mulch is a vital piece for proper and effective weed control in landscape beds.

When you bundle your lawn treatment program and your flower bed treatment program, we can provide you with a bundle deal and give a discount on the flower beds.

While we’re there, we will analyize the health of your plants and to identify any disease, pests, or insects that are damaging the plants. If anything is found, we can alert you and establish a treatment plan to correct the problem.

If you’re tired of pulling weeds, looking at weeds, or just simply want  the landscape beds at your home to be maintained, this is the perfect service for you.

We provide flower bed and landscape bed weed control maintenance in Ascension Parish, Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, and surrounding areas!


4 Treatments per year


Programs tailored to your flower bed


Experienced and knowledgable technicians


Locally owned and operated


Fully insured and certified


Dependability and satisfaction guaranteed

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Bundle & Save

You can save on flower bed maintenance when you bundle flower bed maintenance with our lawn fertilization and weed control program. Request a quote or give us a call. When you request both services, we automatically give you the bundled pricing.

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